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Fur Gilets & Fur Vests - trendy styles & finest quality | WeLoveFurs

Fur Vests

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Fur Vests
Long Fox Fur Vest „Vogue“
Real Fur Woman Poncho Cape black Out of stock
Fur Vests
Poncho with Fur in Black
Fur Vests
"NOBLESSA" Coat with Fur
€329.17 €204.17
Fur Vests
"VOGUE" leather sleeves
Fur Gilets & Vests at WeLoveFurs: the finest choice of glamorous gilets

Fur gilets & fur vests from WeLoveFurs are the perfect addition for any autumn and winter wardrobe. Easy to wear, effortless glamour, practical and warm. At WeLoveFurs you will find the biggest collection of real fur vest. Something suitable for every occasion and any wardrobe.

Rabbit Fur Gilets

Rabbit fur is fine and soft, the short length of hair makes it an ideal fur for figure flattering products. Making it the ideal fur choice for WeLoveFurs fur gilets. Most of the fur we use for our vests comes from recycled produce from the food industry, rabbit fur is an affordable product in comparison to other furs. These products can be identified on our website when you see the GreenCollection logo.

Racoon Fur Vests from WeLoveFurs

Racoon fur is long, thick and extremely fluffy and requires expert techniques for use in fashion products. The cosiest and fluffiest vests are made from racoon fur. WeLoveFurs Long Black fur Vest is the most glamorous and extravagant fur vest. For customers that are looking for a slim tailored, figure flattering jacket then check out the popular natural racoon fur vest. The new technique of sewing the fur panels together, leaves space between each fur panel, which reduces the volume creating a figure flattering slim tailored fit while the long racoon hair is ideal for covering the gaps.

Fox Fur gilets from WeLoveFurs

The classy fox fur is both soft and fluffy and ideal for creating the most glamorous products. With our fox fur gilets you are guaranteed to turn heads!

We pride ourselves in using the best products, and use furs that we can be sure have come from reputable sources. We also offer recycled fox fur for our fur gilets. The fur used for these products is sourced from what otherwise would be classified as waste product, from other companies production. The best pieces are selected by ourselves and then undergo several processes such as dying, in order to make it suitable to use for our products. The GreenCollection furs pride its self on being resourceful and not using any unnecessary animal husbandry.

Ponchos & Capes with fur from WeLoveFurs

Along with classical fur vests we also offer snug Ponchos with furThe popular Capes with fur are an absolute must in winter, and combine cosy wearing comfort with chic glamour. Perfect for anybody who favours fur as a discreet accessory. Our knitted ponchos with fur come in the timeless colours grey and black. The stunning fur collars are all from high quality FinnRaccoon Fur and render each Cardigan an absolute eye catcher.

Fur Vest "VOGUE"

Our newest fur vest creations are super glamorous gilets, made of precious fox fur and finished with soft satin linings. We call them "Vogue" as they stand for luxuruy IT-pieces with lots of glam appeal. Our "Vogue" Fox Fur Vests are available in whitegrey, black  & caramel color - and also as extravagant Silverfox Fur style.

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